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Blockchain Technology Could Change The Way We Invest

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Blockchain is still in its “early” stages of development, but corporations and regulators are opening up to the idea of leveraging its benefits. Blockchain could help to reduce costs, and increase security and transparency in the financial world. The technology allows for the tracking of the ownership of assets, both during and after transactions are completed. Consequently, this innovative technology could transform the way we invest.

Blockchain Technology

A blockchain or distributed ledger is simply a database of unalterable transaction data that are in packages known as blocks. Each block that’s in the chain is a record of the transactions, which contains information about the previous transactions. Therefore, this could modernize and simplify the current clearing and settlement and trading operations.

Although blockchain technology has many advantages, there is one key regulatory issue. Regulators need to determine whether blockchain applications would need to register under the existing regulations. However, the Advanced Notice of Proposed Rule-making and Concept Release on transfer agent regulations issued in December 2015 asked for transfer agents to comment on blockchain technology and whether this type of system would fit in the current regulations. This gave the SEC useful insight on how to regulate the industry.

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