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Ending the bitcoin vs blockchain debate

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The debate has been running for a while but the past month has seen a serious uptick. The question being asked is:

Is there any value in a blockchain without a cryptocurrency? And can these “tokenless shared ledgers” be called blockchains at all?

So I’ve read Bailey’s article, watched Tim’s video, read this Nasdaq post, followed Richard’s every word, and even had my own good-spirited debate (see comments) with the Counterparty foundation’s Chris DeRose. So much hot air.

One thing Chris does well is boil it down to the question: is the blockchain an economic or a computer science innovation? The implication is that if blockchains are a purely economic innovation, there is no point to blockchains without cryptocurrencies. So let me state my position at the start:

The bitcoin blockchain was both an economic and a computer science innovation.

CU Ledger Could Save Costs, Enhance Banking

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CU Ledger, a proof-of-concept project based on distributed ledger technology and led by CUNA and the Mountain West Credit Union Association, was designed to prepare credit unions for the future.

“This could be a real game changer,” Rich Meade, chief of staff/COO for CUNA, said. “This technology could be the next email, the next internet, the next big thing, so we’re really excited about doing that.”

Prepare For A Multiple Blockchain World

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As many CIOs dig in to their digital business transformation strategies, they may wonder whether, and where, blockchain technology fits into their platforms.

Sure, CIOs at major banks and financial services companies have already launched into frenzied adoption analysis to exploit potential savings or thwart potential disrupters. Yet CIOs across industries should understand how blockchain works, and why its limitations will spawn future distributed ledger platforms for the programmable economy.


Can Blockchain Fix Banking?

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A pair of ex-Google employees believe their version of Blockchain can fix banking. That fix is long overdue, since banking is suffering a real crisis at this time.

Indeed you may be surprised to learn that banking is one of the last parts of the global economy largely untouched by modern technology. Sure, banks aretalking about nifty customer facing technology like iris scans. Some even want to let us use our smart phone sensors to log into automated teller machines. While cool, these efforts are really just lipstick on a pig. The problem is bank infrastructure. That infrastructure consists of decades-old hardware and software that is patched together like Frankenstein meets The Mummy. And it’s broken, badly.

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